Sale Girl Resume Template

Following is the example of Sale Girl Resume Template . You can download this Sale Girl Resume Template  in word or pdf format or just view it online to copy and paste. Cover letter of Sale Girl Resume Template  is also available. Just change the name , addressees , qualification and experience and your Sale Girl Resume Template  is ready.

Sample Sales Girl CV Format

Julia Thomason

Green Street, 22nd Street

Blue Bay


Mobile No: +87 911111111

Telephone No: +45455 6554

Career Objective: To achieve an exigent position in a leading firm that can utilize my experience and knowledge to improve their sales and give me a chance to explore my knowledge.

Professional Experience:

ABC Corporation,2006-2009: I have passionately worked as a Sales Girl for ABC Corporation – a Beauty products manufacturer. My job was to help to meet estate agents and store keepers and explain them the qualities of the product. I had to give a little presentation of the products and give satisfactory answers of their questions.

Sales Girl Objectives:

  • To improve sales of products.
  • To give all information about available products to the customers.
  • To give any updates of developments and current offers to the customers
  • To achieve the targets of sales
  • To give satisfactory answers to customers and convince them to buy the product.


2004-2007: BA in Literature Studies, University of Birmingham.


So far I have been achieved all the sales targets and was recognized by an award of best sales person of the year at ABC Corporation.


  • Jewelry making
  • Chatting with people over internet.


“Upon request”

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