Importance of Photo on CV

Say Cheese for Your Employer – Including a Photo in Your CV

So, you have finally prepared you resume. You have added all the info regarding your previous jobs, your experience in the industry, your education, and a few references – all the fundamental, vital elements that will help you stand out from the crowd. However, just before you send it in the mail and start looking forward to the D-day, there is always the thought of how to make your CV a bit more appealing. Employing your photograph for this is a sure-fire way to do it.

Considering the current levels of competitiveness in the job markets in this age, the best way to stand out from other candidates is by adding a picture of yourself on your resume.

Photo on CV

Employers nowadays generally get around 300 to 600 applications for a single job opening. They never have enough time to go through each and every resume in detail, therefore if you give them a swift and easy reason to accept your resume (like a picture), they will do so. Especially if you happen to be a mega babe like Tom Cruise, or Brad Pitt or an interesting blend of both for that matter.

Moreover, getting your CV noted is the cardinal starting point towards a successful employment, and this could also lay a smooth road for the remaining parts of the recruitment stages. No doubt, your experience in the industry, your education and knack will very well be the deciding element in whether you get hired or dropped. However, if you fail to display your skill and eminence in a coherent way, the employer would definitely be unable to objectively gauge you as a suitable nominee.

Having talent and passion is one thing and being able to exhibit it is another. A well-fashioned CV is cardinal to getting registered in the employer’s mind and turning heads in your direction.

Showing your future boss what you look like is an excellent scheme, especially in Public Relations jobs, marketing and advertising and numerous other jobs relating to media where employers do consider your looks as a significant element of your work. Employers do judge you on the basis of your looks just as general people form impressions about you in their very first meeting with you.  It will show your recruiter that you are pleasant and presentable.

The picture is your introduction to the world of employers and recruitment firms. Your picture is what the employers will refer to while reviewing potential fits for your role in their organization. No matter you are applying for an entry level job or a going for the big chair at a multinational firm, it always helps to include your CV photo and getting it done professionally.

The selection of picture for the CV is also vital. It is advised to have a picture taken togged in a suit and looking dandy and not on holiday in Paris last winter with your Ray Ban on. This may sound an obvious and general thing, but I’ve come across resumes with the most eccentric photos. The ideal photo should be a passport size photo attached to the CV using a paperclip, or even better, scan a copy into your computer and print to photo on the CV itself.

Written by : Muneeb Arif

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