Hybrid CV Formats

Mentioned is the way you can write Hybrid CV Template.

You can download this Hybrid CV formats in editable pdf and MS-Word (.doc) formats or you can just copy and paste from or website CVFormats.com and app. Cover letter of Hybrid CV Template is also available. Just change the name , address , qualification and experience and your Hybrid CV Template is ready.

Hybrid CV Template

A hybrid CV is essentially a mixture of both functional as well as chronological CV, where both are presented to the reader in a concise format. As with functional CVs, the hybrid CV begins with a listing of key skills and achievements, which are then followed by the chronological case history of each employment held by the individual.

The skills section of a hybrid CV contains the relevant skills plus the areas where it was demonstrated or learnt. Additionally, this data is supported by details in the chronological format, thereby making this CV very comprehensive.

The reader of such a CV need not wonder about the skills and experience of the individual as it is presented concisely in the beginning and if interested then he can read in detail in the chronology part of the CV.


The ideal break up of hybrid CVs include a section on core competencies or skills followed by employment history in detail, on the job training, if any, educational qualifications, personal details, including contact number and lastly personal interests or likings or hobbies, if any.

While this CV is definitely more advantageous than other CVs, there is always that fear of overwriting. It is very important that you maintain word count of such CVs as also page count. Always stick to a maximum of two pages, which considering the amount of information that is required in such CVs, makes it impossible to maintain. This is where true creativity and proficiency of language comes to the rescue.


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