Electronic CV Formats

Mentioned is the way you can write Electronic CV Template. People looking for jobs can easily download these Electronic CV formats in editable pdf and MS-Word (.doc) formats or you can just copy and paste from or website CVFormats.com and app. Cover letter of Electronic CV Template is also available. Just change the name , address , qualification and experience and your Electronic CV Template is ready.

Electronic CV Template

Electronic CV is the new age CV, which has become very popular today, largely due to the advent of the internet. The increased usage of the internet for various things, including job search has created a need for E-CVs or electronic CVs.

These are CVs specially created for various online job sites, keeping in mind their requirements and formatting needs. It is very important to ensure such electronic CVs are keyword rich CVs as this is perhaps the most important aspect of creating such CVs. Keywords relevant to your experience or job title help search engines identify your CV and a keyword rich CV will definitely rank higher on the search engine list, thereby giving you a better chance of getting the job.

Similarly, it is important that electronic CVs are achievement oriented CVs, where achievements are also linked with keywords specified for the job. The CV, if drafted using a word processing software like MS Word, can actually use the properties tool to display the keywords used in the CV, which in turn will ensure search engines notice it before others.


Formatting and style of such CVs is very important as also layout. In the electronic format, it is very easy to create styles and formats that are both professional as well as attractive using the various web layout programs as well as designing programs available online. However, it is important never to overdo the designing but concentrate on the content.

Lastly, like with all other CVs, electronic CVs should also be proof read for both spelling as well as grammatical mistakes. Having your friend or colleague read it before submitting will also help avoid future problems.

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