CV formatting Template

Mentioned is the way you can write CV formatting Template.

You can download this CV formatting Template in word or pdf format or just view it online to copy and paste. Cover letter of CV formatting Template is also available. Just change the name, address, qualification and experience and your CV formatting Template is ready.

CV formatting Template

All of us are aware that a CV or curriculum vitae is the most important document of our professional lives. This is one document that reflects our personality as well as our qualifications and skills along with the relevant experience gained over time. A CV is the document by which employers call prospective employees for interviews and consider them for a job. Given the high importance of this document, it is obvious that it has to be well drafted and well presented, especially if you want your CV to be the best among the millions daily received by employers.

In order to make a CV the best, it is essential to focus on formatting as well as content. While content gives character to your CV, formatting adds panache and style, which when combined makes your CV irresistible to employers. Formatting includes aspects like the kind of paper used, its size and quality, the manner in which text is presented on the paper, the font and font size used as well as the color of the font and all such related fields.

For any CV to be truly presentable, it is important that you use good quality paper, which is elegant and truly reflects your seriousness. Similarly, uniformity should be maintained in font size and color. All headings should be of the same size, font type and color so also matter under the broad headings should be uniform. Using professional font size, color and type will help in ensuring your CV is noticed.


Last but not the least, presentation of information plays a very important role in formatting. Making use of bullets actually improve the look of the CV, making it more attractive and easy to read for employers.


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