Creative CV writing Template

Mentioned is the way you can write Creative CV writing Template.

You can download this Creative CV writing Template in word or pdf format or just view it online to copy and paste. Cover letter of Creative CV writing Template is also available. Just change the name , address , qualification and experience and your Creative CV writing Template is ready.

Creative CV writing Template

Creative CVs are more useful to those in creative fields like advertising, design and the like. While content of CV and experience play a very important role in any job search, designers and creative people can add a little panache to the otherwise boring template so as to attract the attention of the prospective employer. It is however, important to understand never to overdo it and keep it muted at all times.

It is pertinent to note that creative CVs can be of different styles, depending on the person designing it and the company for which he or she is creating the CV. Large organisations normally prefer regular CV formats and structures and do not like any fancy frills. Small companies, on the other hand, prefer that individual touch and flavour to a CV. Therefore before actually creating your CV, it is advisable to ascertain the company regulations.

Creative CVs should essentially focus on the relevant practical skills acquired and the experience attained during the past years. This could include organising or participating in exhibitions, knowledge of various designing software and many other such things. Similarly, it can also include a special mention of your likes, personal interests and hobbies so as to enable the employer to understand you better.


Design wise, a creative CV could include a watermark, which is elegant and muted or it could have a border. Similarly, you could use the landscape format or the book format to make your CV stand out from the rest. However, before deciding on all these issues, it is best to learn more about the company and also have some others check your CV for any problems. This is because what may be attractive to one can mean a disaster for another. Lastly, it is important that you provide a link to all the work you have done in your CV as this will help in attracting more employers.


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