Chronological CV Formats

Mentioned is the way you can write Chronological CV Template.

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Chronological CV Template

CV can be drafted using many styles, chronological format is one very commonly used style of CV writing. Chronological format of CVs usually list your experience starting from the first job held to the recent one. However, more popular than the chronological format is the reverse chronological format, which lists your experience in the reverse order, starting from the latest and moving onto the first. However, whichever format you use, the emphasis is on the name of employer, jobs held, including joining and leaving dates, responsibilities, skills and achievements.

The basic advantage of this CV is that it highlights the growth in your career, making it very easy for employers to understand your abilities and experience. When your goals are well defined and you have a clear career path then you should opt for chronological CV format. The chronological format is most useful when you have a list of prestigious employers for whom you have worked in the past. This format is also useful when you are applying for traditional jobs using traditional methods, like for example government, teaching etc.

The chronological format should not be used if you do not have a continuous career path or if you have changed your jobs very often. Similarly, people wanting to defer from mentioning their age should also avoid this format.


This format is perhaps the easiest format to draft as it requires mentioning your career path in bullet format along with your qualifications and personal details. However, care should be taken to proof read this CV as you would any other CV and ensure it is well formatted.


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